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Huw Lloyd currently lives in Manchester, England, and has been leading birdwatching tours throughout Peru since 2000. He was born in South Wales and began birding at the age of 11 with the local branch of the Young Ornithologists Club. His interest in tropical birds began when he participated in the Manchester Metropolitan University expedition to Sumba Island, Indonesia – winner of the 1993 BirdLife International-BP Conservation expedition award. Since 1995 he has been studying the ecology of Peruvian birds, completing a number of research programmes on threatened forest bird communities. He lived in southeast Peru for two years and in 1999 worked for the Duke University tropical ecology field programme in Costa Rica. He is currently completing his doctorate thesis on the ecology and conservation of globally threatened Polylepis birds in Peru and is a member of the ornithological research committee for the Peruvian non-governmental organization Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos. He is also a regular consultant for the globallythreatened bird species programme (Peru) with BirdLife International.

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