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Geoff Hann, founder/director of the adventure companies Hann Overland and Hinterland Travel, is a veteran overland traveller and adventurer who has been visiting the Middle East and Asia since the 1960s. In the early years of the Asia overland expeditions boom during the 1970s he personally drove and led over 20 group departures from London to Kathmandu by road, many by way of Iraq, others through Afghanistan. More recently he has led small groups to various parts of India, Tibet, China, Bangladesh, Central Asia, Iran and Iraq. His love of history and taste for exploring little-known routes has caused him to travel on almost all roads in and out of Iraq, including now-closed border crossings. During the Iran–Iraq conflict (1980–88) the tourist groups he took to Iraq were often the only travellers in the country. In October 2000, after a period of absence from the country due to the Gulf War, he renewed his archaeological/historical tours to Iraq and British tourists returned to the country. He has provided the practical travel information and many site descriptions for this guide.

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