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Diana Darke, an Oxford Arabist, has written 16 books on the Near and Middle East, acquiring a rich appreciation of the region, its people, their culture and preoccupations during the 30 years she has lived and worked there. She communicates this in her guides, which are recognised as the leaders in their field, bringing countries to life through a host of colourful insights and through the inhabitants themselves. Her books also contain detailed itineraries and maps, with a wealth of practical information on transport, treks, hotels and restaurants.

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The Underground Cities – claustrophobes beware!

Dig a little deeper into Turkey’s history with a trip to one of its impressive underground cities.  

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What to expect in a Turkish bath

Diana Darke describes a typical visit to a traditional Turkish bathhouse.

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Atatürk and carving up ‘the sick man of Europe’

Learn how the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire saw the birth of modern Turkey.

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Interview with Diana Darke

Diana Darke, author of our new Eastern Turkey guide, discusses travel memories and offers tips for aspiring travel writers. 

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The cenotaph of Nicocreon

Diana Darke tells the curious story behind Tomb No 77.

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Mavi Köşk

Once home to a paranoid gunrunner, Mavi Köşk hosts one of Cyprus’s greatest mysteries.

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