52 European Wildlife Weekends

52 European Wildlife Weekends – Travel information and tips for wildlife-watching in Europe, with an entry per week and short breaks in 21 countries. Reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, plants, butterflies and dragonflies: from bears to wolves, whales to turtles, eagles to cranes – the where, when and how to make the most of any trip.

Mons – European Capital of Culture

Mons City Guide – Expert holiday tips and travel advice on everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites and medieval monuments to hotels, B&Bs, bars and cafés. This guide also features events in the city as European Capital of Culture 2015, 17th-century Baroque-style belfry, Doudou festival, shopping, local Belgian beer, WWI history and sites.

Blooming spring breaks: the best European destinations for wildlife lovers

Hands up if you’re already looking forward to spring.

La Soye: Dominica’s first (unrecorded) European settlement?

If buried treasure still exists, perhaps the Kalinago myth of Spanish bounty in east Dominica is true…

The best alternative European beach destinations

There’s more to European beaches than the Costa del Sol.