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Win £50 and a free ‘a-book’ to take to Cornwall. 

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Our Cornwall ‘a-book’ needs you!

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Earlier this year we published our latest Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly guidebook, enhanced with a host of additional content – including video and sound recordings – which can be accessed via a clever app on Android devices. We called it an ‘a-book’ (augmented book), and we believe it’s a world first for a travel-guide publisher. It’s the result of a project led by academics at the University of Surrey; you can find full details here.

The university team would now like to test the book in the field. Can you help? If you are interested, and are travelling to Cornwall with a family and/or friendship group (one companion is enough) for a minimum of two days, please do get in touch (details below). The team will provide a limited number of groups with free copies of the a-book to take on their trips, after which they will conduct an interview to discuss how those groups used the a-book while away. Each group will receive a £50 Amazon voucher for its participation in the study (but the Cornwall trip itself would be at the group’s own expense). If you would like to participate, please send an email to Dr Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh at

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