USA by Rail

by John Pitt

USA by Rail

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This ninth edition of Bradt's USA by Rail guidebook has been fully revised and expanded to take account of changes to Amtrak routes and services, plus the latest Amtrak and VIA Rail pass details, and features over 500 destinations, including Disney World, the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. With 25 long-distance train journeys across the United States and a further 12 in Canada, plus sightseeing highlights for 38 major cities, accommodation options from cheap to chic and everything you need to find your way around unfamiliar train stations, this book has all the practical information required to make the most of a rail pass. There are maps, route plans and photographs, up-to-date security and immigration information, plus vital tips for sightseeing, local transport and accommodation, as well as chapters on VIA Rail, the Rocky Mountaineer and other trains in Canada. The book also includes a history of North American railroads, current steam train operators, tourist railways and museums, as well as sound advice for the visitor from overseas. Hundreds of Internet contacts make it easy to plan and make reservations for any trip you desire.
The grandeur of America's scenery - from its never-ending prairies, the Joshua trees of the Mojave Desert and the saw-toothed peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the pounding surf of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans - is one of the continent's greatest attractions and there is no better way to enjoy it than by train.
Written by an expert author who has travelled around 80,000 miles by train in North America in the last 25 years, Bradt's USA by Rail is the essential companion for a successful trip.

About the author

John Pitt has written about travel and railway journeys for Thomas Cook as well as such newspapers and magazines as The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and Wanderlust. He has travelled extensively in the United States and Canada, clocking up over 80,000 miles by train, and greatly enjoyed exploring the history and culture of both countries. He is the author of the previous eight editions of USA by Rail and finds that meeting people in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere on board trains gives many interesting and often surprising insights into life in the US and Canada.

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Press reviews

"The best guidebook for the journey." - Sunday Telegraph

"An excellent publication. Essential reading." - Today's Railways

"An excellent springboard to the many fascinating places to visit in North America. If you are travelling by rail in the States as a holiday, then this book is well worth its price." - Rail Magazine

"If you travel in the US (or Canada) by train, you'll find all you need here." - The Daily Telegraph

"From Boston to Washington, Chicago to Sacramento, New York to Miami and just about everywhere in between, the perfect train schedule is in this informative book. So pick it up and hop on board." - Footloose

'USA by Rail is a useful companion.' The Sunday Telegraph
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Chapter 1 From Horsepower to Amtrak
The Iron Horse, The golden age, The 20th century
Chapter 2 American Trains Today
Amtrak trains today , Amtrak facilities and services, Non-Amtrak services
Chapter 3 Practical Information
When to visit, Red tape, Getting there and away, Health, Safety, What to take, Money, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating and drinking, Public holidays, Sightseeing, Student card, Time zones, Media and communications, Working

Chapter 4 The Coast Starlight
Seattle-Los Angeles
Chapter 5 The California Zephyr
Chicago-Emeryville(for San Francisco)
Chapter 6 The San Joaquin
San Francisco-Bakersfield(via Emeryville/Oakland)
Chapter 7 The Pacific Surfliner
Los Angeles-San Diego
Chapter 8 The Empire Builder
Chapter 9 The Empire Builder
Chapter 10 The Southwest Chief
Chicago-Los Angeles
Chapter 11 The Sunset Limited
Orlando-Los Angeles
Chapter 12 The Texas Eagle
Chicago-San Antonio(for Los Angeles)
Chapter 13 The City of New Orleans
Chicago-New Orleans
Chapter 14 The Northeast Corridor
Chapter 15 The Northeast Corridor
New Haven-Springfield(for Boston)
Chapter 16 The Crescent
New York-New Orleans
Chapter 17 The Silver Star
New York-Miami
Chapter 18 The Silver Meteor
New York-Miami
Chapter 19 The Northeast Corridor
Boston-Newport News
Chapter 20 The Cardinal
New York-Chicago
Chapter 21 The Adirondack
New York-Montreal
Chapter 22 The Vermonter
Washington-St Albans(for Montreal)
Chapter 23 The Lake Shore Limited
Boston/New York-Chicago
Chapter 24 The Capitol Limited
Chapter 25 The Pennsylvanian
New York-Pittsburgh
Chapter 26 The Maple Leaf
New York-Toronto
Chapter 27 The Wolverine
Chapter 28 Other Amtrak Trains
General information, The trains
Chapter 29 US Steam Today
Trains, routes and museums
Chapter 30 Canada's Trains Today
VIA Rail, The routes, Steam trains in Canada

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Ticketing Agents
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