Tripping the Flight Fantastic press release

Press release for our new Tripping the Flight Fantastic title. 

Written by Hugh Collins


Tripping the Flight Fantastic: Adventures in search of the world’s cheapest air fare

“I flew to 10 European cities and home in a month for just £144. It’s a tough job, like being the Queen’s personal food taster, but I did it all for you, honey.”

When Andrew Fraser looks for a holiday, he wants it to be cheap – and a tiny bit weird. After discovering a way to nab ridiculously low-priced air fares, he set off on a unique, bargain-bin adventure to some of Europe’s least-discovered cities. 

Tripping the Flight Fantastic is his amusing, idiosyncratic account of a journey in search of culture, gastronomy and – yes – the seamier side of life. What’s more, Andrew reveals how to create a dream trip for less than the price of a stewardess’s blue eyeshadow. You may never travel in the same way again. 

– Read tales of octopus autopsies in Girona and giant pink Alexander the Greats in Skopje. 
– Learn the travel booking tricks that allowed Andrew to fly 7,000 miles for less than 2p a mile.

– Visit some of Europe’s most overlooked and interesting corners.

Andrew Fraser is former Travel Editor and Deputy Editor of Attitude Magazine, and former Chief Writer at OK! Magazine
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Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides
Title: Tripping the Flight Fantastic: Adventures in search of the world’s cheapest air fare
Author: Andrew Fraser 
Price: £9.99   
ISBN: 9781784770396