Travel-writing Competition winners

Read the winning entries from 2014’s travel-writing competition. 

Written by Bradt Travel Guides


The winning entries

We have already said that the standard in 2014 was, in the judges’ opinion, the highest ever. What better tribute could we have in our anniversary year?  We first ran this competition 15 years ago to celebrate our 25th birthday, and not long afterwards held what is now an annual travel-writing workshop to help aspiring writers hone their skills and make that move from unpublished to published. The two events are now linked, with graduates of the workshop often reaching the finals of the competition. 

Stanfords London UK by Bradt Travel Guides LtdThis year’s winners, from left to right: Lucy Clark, Elizabeth Gowing and Flora Carr

The theme this year was Meeting the Challenge, chosen because running a successful publishing company for 40 years has certainly not been plain sailing. And what a wonderful variety of challenges our writers came up with! What follows are entries from the winners and runners-up in the three categories, and a selection of other submissions that were either Highly Commended, Commended, or simply appealed to one of the six judges.

Sceptics sometimes ask “What does it matter if something is well written as long as the story is good?” Read the following prize-winners and you’ll know the answer. 


Overall: Meeting the challenge: handshakes by Elizabeth Gowing

Unpublished: Meeting the challenge by Lucy Clark

Young writer: A lesson in Trini by Flora Carr


Nails of ice by Fabian Acker

The Coast of Light by Liam Hodkinson

Waiting for a Thaw by Claire Morsman

The Turkmenistan Blues by Helen Watson

Highly commended:

A Walk in the Desert by Jean Ashbury

Baby steps by Celia Dillow

The Standing Train by Robyn Jankel

Now You See Me by Cheryl Parry 


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