The Igor Savitsky Museum

Wonder at one of the finest collections of Soviet avant-garde art. Like a ruby in the dust, the Igor Savitsky Museum (also known simply…

Chorsu Bazaar

Meaning ‘the crossroads’, Chorsu Bazaar is the commercial heart of Tashkent and has been for hundreds of years. Originally open to the air (as…

Food and drink in Uzbekistan

Food and drink in Uzbekistan food is typically Turkic, dominated by mutton, noodles and bread, but with many Persian flavours added, such as saffron,…

The rise of ecotourism in Uzbekistan

As Uzbekistan develops as a tourism destination and more of the world discovers its treasures, we can explore what else the country has to offer

The Registan

Among the most iconic sights on the Silk Road, this central square is one of the world’s greatest examples of medieval Islamic architecture

Uzbekistan: beyond the Silk Road

Beyond the striking mosques, mausoleums and madrasas, Uzbekistan has plenty more to offer

The Tashkent Metro

More than just a convenient form of public transport, the Tashkent Metro is a beautiful highlight of the city itself

Five reasons to visit Uzbekistan

It’s clichéd but true to say that the country offers a little something for everyone

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The real jewel of Uzbekistan

Most people go to Uzbekistan for its Silk Road treasures, but the real jewel in its crown is its people.

On the road in Uzbekistan

Join the author of our Uzbekistan guidebook as she shares pictures from the beautiful Asian country.