Tibet’s most impressive temples and pilgrimage sites

There’s no better place to meet genuine Tibetan locals than at the region’s sacred sites.

What not to miss in Israel

Israel may be small, but it is packed with treasures ranging from magnificent religious sites to natural wonders. Discover what not to miss with our handy guide.

Jerusalem’s holiest sites

At the crossroads of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem is home to some of the most important religious sites in the world. 

The monasteries of Fruška Gora

The hills of Fruška Gora, in Vojvodina, are dotted with beautiful monasteries.

The Legend of Father Ronchi

Three decades of total devotion by a single man forever changed the destiny of more than 50 towns in the regions of Aysén and Chiloé.

Portugal’s dolmen churches

The dolmen churches of Alentejo are a perfect example of the Catholic church’s ability to assimilate other faiths into its own.

Who are the kurds?

Descendants of Israeli tribes or children of Solomon?

The Metropolitan Filaret comes to town

Nigel Roberts visited Vetka in 2001 to attend the consecration of its new Orthodox Church.

Armenian churches

As author Deirdre Holding explains, Armenia’s long Christian history means that the country has a wealth of ancient churches and monasteries, many of which are highlights of any trip to Armenia.

The sacred fire

Learn why Zoroastrians are traditionally referred to as ‘fire worshippers’.