A bitter paradise

Mary Shelley’s summer on the Golfo dei Poeti was not as idyllic as you might think.

Lewis Carroll & Alice in Wonderland

There are many places and features around Oxford that crop up in Lewis Carroll’s books.

Jane Austen in Bath

Jane Austen lived and wrote in Bath for a number of years.

The leopard’s tale: an extract from ‘The Big Cat Man’

In this extract from his newly published autobiography, Jonathan Scott illustrates his quest to photograph the Mara Buffalo Female.

Simon Evans – the Postman Poet (1895–1940)

The name Simon Evans isn’t a household one, but the author, poet and broadcaster would have been well known in his day.

The Cottage Countess of Great Bolas

The tiny viallge of Great Bolas is unremarkable – apart from one story.

The Legend of Father Ronchi

Three decades of total devotion by a single man forever changed the destiny of more than 50 towns in the regions of Aysén and Chiloé.

The Dictator’s Highway

Justin Walker’s The Dictator’s Highway eloquently describes why to embark on a journey down the Carretera Austral.

Curanto y Kuchen – Patagonian Pioneers

Luisa Ludwig’s book Curanto y Kuchen contains an insightful and charming personal account of the lives of the early settlers and this isolated region. 

The great philosophers – Averrões and Ibn Arabi

Alex Robinson introduces two of the medieval world’s greatest philosophers: Averrões and Ali Ibn Arabi.