The purest part of Strandir is the ‘horn’ – the final peninsula that juts over the top of the West Fjords. It is a…


The great cliffs of Látrabjarg are one of the great natural wonders of Iceland. The vertical wall of layered basalt drops straight down into…

Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanes may be one of the most interesting, yet overlooked, regions in Iceland. There’s a lot more to the place than the international airport…


A stunning backdrop pronounces Iceland’s picturesque capital: on one side of town stand rows of prim coloured rooftops outlined by a silvery, duck- and…

Snæfellsnes and Snæfellsjökull National Park

Snæ-fells-nes merely means ‘snow mountain peninsula’, which it clearly is. Covered in a permanent shield of lumpy ice, Mt Snæfellsjökull (1,446m) is the tallest…

Health and safety in Iceland

Health in Iceland Happily, you do not need any immunisations to travel in Iceland (although it is advisable to be up to date with…

Travel and visas in Iceland

Visas All travellers must have a valid passport that expires three months after the intended date of departure with at least two blank pages…

When to visit Iceland

Climate Iceland does not have the hellish climate that it’s actually supposed to have. The country’s name and Arctic latitude implies Siberia, Alaska and…


Travelling to Iceland is much less about sightseeing than it is feeling things you’ve never felt before – what it’s like to be the…

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