When to visit Ethiopia

When to visit Climate Far from being the uniform thirstland of Western myth, Ethiopia is a land of dramatic natural contrasts and variety. Altitudes…

Food and drink in Ethiopia

Food To anyone who has travelled elsewhere in Africa, Ethiopian food comes as a welcome revelation. Instead of the bland gristle and starch that…

Addis Ababa

© DaneyWiki, Wikimedia Commons This is a city with a real buzz, one possessed of a sense of self-definition and place. The world’s fourth-highest…


Practically every tangible facet of Ethiopian culture is unique. Obscured by the media-refracted glare of the surrounding deserts, Ethiopia feels like the archetypal forgotten…

Travelling Ethiopia

To celebrate our Destination of the Month we asked our friends at Rainbow Tours to share their top tips for travelling in Ethiopia.

Our favourite alternative African cities

You might go to Africa for the wildlife and safaris, but its cities shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Northern Ethiopia: the highlights

Northern Ethiopia has long formed the mainstay of the country’s tourist industry, and for good reason. 

Ethiopian endemics – a guide to the country’s unique wildlife

We take a look at some of Ethiopia’s most unusual animals. 

Five reasons to visit Ethiopia

This vast and magical country confounds every expectation.

The hyena men of Harar

The hyena men are one of the most popular attractions in Harar. 

9 runs around the world

Some of our favourite alternative marathons from around the world.

Rock on: Africa’s most impressive rock art

Africa has some magnificent centuries-old rock art — how many have you visited?