Museo Ferrari

Go vroom! in an F1 simulator at one of the highlights of ‘Motor Valley’. There are two Ferrari museums. One is in Modena, the other by the factory in suburban Maranello. A dedicated shuttle connects the two, with a stop at the Modena train station. Museo Enzo Ferrari Enzo Ferrari (1898–1988) loved his native Modena…


Climb up the tallest of the Two Towers, Bologna’s leaning landmarks, to gaze down on Italy’s most serious and progressive city. ‘You must write all the beautiful things of Italy,’ said the Venetian on the train, but the man from Bologna vehemently shook his finger. ‘No, no,’ he insisted. ‘You must write the truth!’ And…


Puzzle over the enigmas of the Camera di Correggio, painted by the city’s master of lightness and grace. One of Italy’s great art cities, and the second city in Emilia-Romagna after Bologna, Parma’s many admirers cite her splendid churches and elegant lanes, her artworks and antiquities, the lyrical strains of grand opera that waft from…

Emilia-Romagna: a foodie paradise

Even within a country that is itself known worldwide for its popular cuisine, the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy is famed for its delectable food.

Towers and Tortellini: Taking a Bite of Bologna

It’s a world in itself, this pianeta porticata – ‘arcaded planet’, as the Bolognesi call their peculiar city. They like to be different, the Bolognesi.