Marine protected areas

Seychelles has the distinction of having established the first marine park in the western Indian Ocean.

Orangutans: useless, dirty and dumb or dignified and intelligent?

Just like humans, orangutans are master generalists, performing well in everything they do.

Jebbal Moussa

Located in the Kesrouan district northeast of Jounieh, Lebanon’s newest biosphere reserve was referred to by UNESCO in 2009 as ‘a true mosaic of ecological systems’.

Cichlids of Lago Niassa

In Lago Niassa (Lake Malawi), over 850 fish species have been recorded.

Gorongosa’s birds

Keith Barnes and Josh Engel discuss the spectacular birdwatching diversity of Gorongosa National Park.

The African elephant

Almost everything about this animal is extraordinary.

The Mughal Gardens

According to authors Sophie and Max Lovell-Hoare, the Mughal Gardens are far more than just collections of plants.

Return of the rhino

Learn how rhinos are making a return to Botswana after being hunted almost to extinction in the 20th century.

Kría – Iceland’s bloodthirsty beast

Andrew Evans discusses the defensive quirks of the arctic tern.


Since opening in 2007, this billion-dollar paper-pulp plant has increased Uruguay’s GDP by 1%