Five reasons to visit Lille

Moules, markets and Monets. 

Paramaribo’s wooden architecture

Paramaribo’s distinctive wooden architecture is largely a product of its location.

Zanzibar doors

Zanzibar’s spectacular doorways will make you travel through time. 

Reduction: a typical town layout

Author Margaret Hebblethwaite explains the history and layout of the Reduction.

Reykjavík Streetwise

A selection of brief descriptions of places in Reykjavík, to help put some context to your wanderings.

The Mughal Gardens

According to authors Sophie and Max Lovell-Hoare, the Mughal Gardens are far more than just collections of plants.

Redcliffe Hotel

Philip Knowles gives a brief history of this iconic private residence.

Colonial churches

Discover Peru’s most impressive religious architecture with our guide to the country’s best colonial churches.