Surf’s up

Forget surfing USA – check out the best places in West Africa to catch a wave.

Equatorial Guinea press release

Read the press release for our new Equatorial Guinea guidebook by Oscar Scafidi.

Interview with Oscar Scafidi

We chat to Oscar Scafidi, author of our Equatorial Guinea guidebook, about the challenges of travelling to the country and the delights that await visitors. 

Five reasons to visit Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is by no means an easy destination to visit, but it is certainly worthwhile. 

Eric the Eel

Equatorial Guinea’s Olympic hero was unable to swim eight months before Sydney 2000, but he took to it like a duck (or eel) to water.

Do-it-yourself walking tour

Discover Malabo’s hidden colonial sites with our walking tour.


Birding is easy in Equatorial Guinea.