Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

by Andreas Umbreit

Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

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About this book

This stunningly gorgeous, seriously remote Arctic archipelago is about as far from civilization as you can get in Europe. Permafrost freezes the ground up to half a kilometre in depth, while winter temperatures can drop to over 40 below zero. But Svalbard's glorious mountains, majestic fjords and sprawling valleys are the perfect setting for adventurous journeys out to the back of beyond - by snowmobile, snowshoe or Siberian husky. Much of David Attenborough's BBC documentary Frozen Planet was shot on and around Svalbard.

This new edition includes extensive information on the history, wildlife and landscape of this unique destination with detailed information on national parks and areas of exploration unavailable in other books. It is essential reading for visitors to the region and serves as an introduction to scientists, journalists, politicians and polar enthusiasts.

About the author

Andeas Umbreit is an acknowledged expert on Svalbard. He is a resident on Spitsbergen, works as a tour operator specialising in the Arctic and Antarctica, runs logistics for film and research expeditions and works as an expedition leader and lecturer on polar expedition cruises.

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'A mass of useful information.'
The Express

Recommended reading by Wanderlust Magazine
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Table of Contents
Introduction vii
Chapter 1 Background Information 3
Geography 3, Climate 14, History 26, Natural history and conservation 46
Chapter 2 Practical Information 64
When to visit 64, Tour operators and independent travel 68,
Possible activities 75, Travel for non-tourists 88, Red
tape 88, Getting there and away 93, Health 98, Safety 99, Disabled travel 104, What to take 105, Electricity 118, Time 118

Chapter 3 Svalbard's Regions 121
(Vest) Spitsbergen 121, Nordaustlandet 123, Edgeøya and Tusenøyane 124, Barentsøya 125, Kvitøya 126, Prins Karls Forlandet 127, Kong Karls Landet 127, Bjørnøya (Bear Island) 128, Hopen 131
Chapter 4 Cruising 133
Traditional cruises 133, Expedition cruises 134, The cruising season 135, Life on board 135, Clothing 136, Cruise routes 138
Chapter 5 In Svalbard 148
Getting around 148, Tourist information 150, Money and banking 151, Accommodation 151, Eating and
drinking 152, Shopping 153, Photography and video 153, Media and communications 155, Sport 157
Chapter 6 Svalbard's Settlements and Stations 159
Longyearbyen 159, Ny-Ålesund 173, Sveagruva 177, Barentsburg 178, Pyramiden 183, Hornsund 186, Norwegian stations 187, Trapper stations 187, Drilling stations 188

Chapter 7 Franz Josef Land 191
Geology and geography 191, Climate 193, Wildlife and
conservation 193, History 195, Practical information 205,
The islands 207

Chapter 8 Jan Mayen 215
Geology and geography 215, Climate 216, Wildlife and
conservation 217, History 222, Practical information 227
Appendix Further Information 231
Index 248

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