by Philip Briggs


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About this book

The first dedicated English-language guidebook to an emergent and largely unspoiled ecotourist destination otherwise overlooked by the travel publishing industry. Peaceful and politically stable, Suriname is one of the world's five most thinly populated countries. Its Caribbean coastline is famed for its peerless turtle-watching opportunities, while the interior is swathed by a vast tract of pristine Amazonian rainforest rich in wildlife and accessible only by air or along the tropical waterways that incise the interior. The guide will include a detailed introduction to the diverse wildlife and intriguing history of the only former Dutch colony in South America, along with detailed regional coverage of the tropical coastline, the historic inner city of the culturally diverse capital Paramaribo (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the thrilling opportunities for exploration afforded by the Upper Suriname River and elsewhere in the jungle-swathed interior.

About the author

Philip Briggs, the world's most experienced and respected writer of guidebooks to Africa, is now turning his attention to South America, and has selected Suriname as a destination on which to focus. A professional writer since 1991, Philip cut his teeth with Bradt as the author of the first international guidebook to South Africa to be published after the release of Nelson Mandela. He brings to this new project a vast and unique experience of researching pioneering guidebooks to countries which, like Suriname, are otherwise practically uncharted by the travel publishing industry, having authored the first dedicated guidebooks to Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana, Rwanda and Somaliland.

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Introduction vi
Chapter 1 Background Information 3
Geography and location 3, Climate 5, Government 5,
Economy 6, History 8, People 16, Language 18,
Religion 19
Chapter 2 Natural History 21
Flora 21, Mammals 22, Reptiles and amphibians 32,
Birds 33, Invertebrates 34, Marine life 36
Chapter 3 Practical Information 39
When to visit 39, Itineraries and highlights 39, Tour
operators 41, Red tape 41, Getting there and away 42,
Safety 43, What to take 45, Money 46, Budgeting 47,
Getting around 48, Accommodation 49, Eating and
drinking 50, Public holidays and festivals 51, Shopping 53,
Media and communications 55
Chapter 4 Health 57
Before you go 57, Potential medical problems 58,
Other safety concerns 62
Paramaribo and the coastal belt: an overview 66
Highlights 66
Chapter 5 Paramaribo 69
History 69, Getting there and away 71, Getting around
75, Tourist information 77, Tour operators 78, Safety
79, Where to stay 79, Where to eat and drink 86,
Entertainment and nightlife 95, Shopping 96, Other
practicalities 99, What to see and do 101
apter 11 05 T&T2 corrections IS Suriname1.indd 4 28/11/2014 12:52
Chapter 6 Commewijne 119
Commewijne Plantation Loop 119, Matapica Beach 130,
Warappa Creek 133, Stolkertsijver 134
Chapter 7 Marowijne 135
Moengo 135, Albina 139, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni 142,
Galibi Nature Reserve 143
Chapter 8 Saramacca, Coronie and Nickerie 149
Groningen 149, Lower Coppename River 154, Coronie
156, Wageningen 157, Nieuw Nickerie 160, Bigi Pan 167
Chapter 9 Wanica and Para 169
Lelydorp 169, Santigron 172, Domburg 173, Onverwacht,
Paranam and around 175, Jodensavanne and the east bank
178, Zanderij and around 183
The Interior: an overview 189; Highlights 189
Chapter 10 Brokopondo 191
Bergendal Eco-Resort and around 191, Brownsweg
and Stoneiland 195, Brownsberg Nature Park 196,
Brokopondo and the Afobaka Dam 198
Chapter 11 Upper Suriname 201
Getting there and away 203, Other practicalities 203,
Atjoni 204, Downriver from Atjoni 207, Jawjaw and
New Aurora 208, Pikin Slee, Botopassie and around 211,
Towards Djumu 213, Kajana and the Gran Rio 214
Chapter 12 The Deep Interior 219
Boven Coesewijne Nature Reserve 219, Central Suriname
Nature Reserve 221, Blanche Marie Falls 225, Apoera 226,
Avanavero Falls 229, Arapahu Island 230, Kwamalasamutu
230, Kabalebo Nature Reserve 231, Palumeu and Mount
Kasikasima 232, Upper Marowijne 234
Appendix 1 Further information 236
Appendix 2 Language 239
Index 246