Staying in rorbuer: traditional fishermen’s huts

No visit to Lofoten is complete without a stay in one of these little red huts on stilts

Written by James Proctor


Typical red rorbu huts Lofoten Norway Lapland by Harvepino Shutterstock© Harvepino, Shutterstock

While you are in Lofoten, try to stay in a rorbu (plural rorbuer), a wooden hut on stilts usually by the harbour. Traditionally painted red, they are easy to spot, as most towns and villages have signs up offering them for rent. They come in various shapes and sizes but are all based on the traditional hut used by fishermen for overnight accommodation before it became more practical to sleep on board their boats. Generally composed of one or two bedrooms (some with bunk beds), kitchen and bathroom with running water and electricity, some rorbuer are the genuine article and may be a hundred years old or so; others are more modern copies of the original, and though comfortable enough, lack the charm of the creaking old timbers. Rorbuer can be booked through tourist offices or directly where listed in the text. Prices vary according to standard and size, though you should expect to pay around 650NOK per night for a simple affair, or up to 1,600NOK for a luxury number with all mod cons.

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