Spotlight on… [your destination here]

This is your chance to link up with one of the world’s best-respected travel brands, Bradt Guides, and take advantage of a tailor-made ‘Spotlight on…’ digital marketing campaign.

This is an accumulation of dedicated publicity over several months and includes not only branding and advertising on the Bradt website, but promotion of your country/region through Bradt’s social media channels and newsletter.

The campaign

The Spotlight campaign will be centred on:

  • A collection of four feature articles (of around 800 words each) covering your choice of topic / content across 6-12 months, published on the Bradt website  
  • A strategic distribution of website publishing, sharing in our newsletter and boosted social media posts, spaced out across a number of months to maximise exposure
  • Timing of publications can be tailored to correspond to seasonal events or news announcements
  • Hero image: a link to each article featured above the fold on the Bradt home page for a fortnight upon publication

Suggested article themes

  • Iconic culture: food / drink, music, religion, festivals / events (evergreen) 
  • Thought leadership: interview with staff (eg.
  • What to see and do: beaches, safari, forests, hikes (can be seasonal) 
  • Reportage: first-person account of a specific experience 
  • Visual: photo- or video-driven account of a place, designed for shareability 


Social media

  • Articles about your destination promoted once a week throughout the campaign
  • An ‘Instagram takeover’ – your favourite destination images showcased through the Bradt Instagram account

Key figures

  • Twitter – 30,000 followers (750,000 monthly impressions)
  • Facebook – over 8,000 page likes
  • Instagram – over 5,000 followers


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