About this author

Simon Fenton was a travel writer and photographer. After an early career as a biologist, he lived, worked and travelled in Asia for several years before returning to the UK to ‘settle down’, where he set up the award-winning social enterprise StreetShine. After a perfect storm of events re-ignited his wanderlust, he eventually found himself in Senegal, where he and his Senegalese partner, Khady, built – and run – an eco-guesthouse in Abene, a few miles south of the Gambian border. Simon was a member of a Jola family, a tribe widespread across The Gambia and southern Senegal, meaning that he travelled regularly across the region with a particular interest in documenting the local Jola culture. Tragically, in May 2017, Simon was killed in a car accident in Senegal. Simon was a contributor to the Bradt guide to Senegal and published two books chronicling his adventures in the country: Squirting Milk at Chameleons and Chasing Hornbills.