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About this book

Bradt's Gabon remains the only English-language guide dedicated exclusively to what is considered by many to be 'Africa's last Eden' thanks to its sparse population and perhaps the highest percentage of forest cover of any country in the world. This new edition has been fully updated and covers all recent developments, including in the national parks. Several new maps have been added (taking the total to 31) and most sketch maps have been upgraded. Also covered is the discovery of the extraordinary orange-coloured crocodiles living in the Abanda cave system.
Full background, natural history, conservation, practical and health information is accompanied by a nine-chapter regional breakdown of the country, from Libreville and L'Estuaire to Moyen Ogooué, Ngounié, Ogooué Maritime and Nyanga, as well as Woleu-Ntem, Ogooué-Ivindo, Haut Ogooué and Ogooué-Lolo.
Visitors to Gabon will come face-to-face with nature in its rawest, wildest, most untouched form, from the impenetrable forests of the interior to the grassy plateaus of Haut-Ogooué and the windblown white-sand beaches of the coast - the latter known worldwide for the gorilla, buffalo, and elephant that come to wander the sandy shores and the 'surfing hippo' that - astonishingly - come to play in the frothy surf.
Gabon is more than just nature, however, and culture lovers will be taken with one of the region's finest carving traditions (in both wood and soapstone), floored by the furious tempos played on the moungongo mouth-harp, and transported to another place entirely by the all-night drums, dance, fire, and faith of the traditional Bwiti rites.
Bradt's Gabon offers the most thorough and up-to-date information available and is an ideal companion for wildlife enthusiasts, Africa aficionados and completists, and overlanders travelling along Africa's west coast.

About the author

Sean Connolly first travelled to Africa as a student in 2008 and has been returning to the continent regularly to research, teach English or simply soak up the ambience in its countless little-visited corners (of which Gabon has many) ever since. He has updated or contributed to a range of Bradt's African and South American titles and authored the first two editions of Bradt's Senegal. When he's not discussing verb tenses, African politics or the merits of camel meat, you may find him hitching a lift atop a truckload of plantains, sampling questionable local delicacies (though he's recently had to draw a few lines, as Gabon truly excels when it comes to hair-raising foods!), or seeking out a country's funkiest records. Raised in Chicago, Sean stays on the move whenever possible, though lately you'll find him most often in Berlin. ([instagram] shanboqol)

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Chapter 1 Background Information
Geography, Climate, History, Government and politics, Economy, People, Language, Religion, Culture
Chapter 2 Natural History and Conservation
Habitats and vegetation, Conservation, Wildlife
Chapter 3 Practical Information
When to visit, Highlights, Suggested itineraries, Tourist information, Tour operators, Red tape, Embassies, Getting there and away, Safety, Women travellers, Gay travellers, Travellers with disabilities, Travelling with children, What to take, Money, Budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating and drinking, Public holidays and events, Shopping, Media and communications, Cultural etiquette, Travelling positively
Chapter 4 Health
Preparations, In Gabon

Chapter 5 Libreville and L'Estuaire
Getting there and away, Orientation, Getting around, Tourist information and local tour operators, Where to stay, Where to eat and drink, Entertainment and nightlife, Shopping, Other practicalities, What to see and do, Around Libreville and L'Estuaire
Chapter 6 Moyen Ogooué
Lambaréné, Ndjolé
Chapter 7 Ngounié
Mouila, Sindara, Fougamou, Ndende, Massif du Chaillu
Chapter 8 Ogooué Maritime
Port Gentil, Fernan Vaz Lagoon, Loango National Park, Gamba
Chapter 9 Nyanga
Tchibanga, Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Mayumba
Chapter 10 Woleu-Ntem
Oyem, Bitam, North of Bitam, Mitzic, Minkébé National Park
Chapter 11 Ogooué-Ivindo
Lopé National Park, Makokou, Ivindo National Park
Chapter 12 Haut Ogooué
Franceville, Moanda, Mounana, Bakoumba and Lékédi Park, The Batéké Plateau, Léconi
Chapter 13 Ogooué-Lolo
Koulamoutou, Lastoursville

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