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Includes Minarets in the Mountains, Three Stripes South, Tanked Up and A Connemara Journey.

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The New Travel Writing Collection includes:

Minarets in the Mountains

Accompanied by his wife and two young daughters, Tharik Hussain sets off on a trip around the western Balkans. Following in the footsteps of the great Ottoman explorer Evliya Çelebi, he travels through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro – each with centuries of Islamic history and long-established Muslim communities. Along the way, he finds mystical Islamic lodges clinging to the sides of mountains, prays in mosques older than the Sistine Chapel, and meets those who, despite persecution and war, have never relinquished their faith.

Minarets in the Mountains is a timely and eye-opening account of an extraordinary journey, filled with colour, surprise and beauty. Hussain uncovers not only the breathtaking history and spellbinding culture of the western Balkans, but also the generous hospitality of the warm and endearing people who call this unique region their home.

Three Stripes South

After years putting up with dismal jobs and stifled dreams, Bex Band knew something had to change. With barely any hiking experience, she made the decision to walk the length of Israel with her husband: a 1,000-kilometre trek, including a dangerous crossing through the vast Negev desert, that was to transform her life. Pushing herself to her physical limits, paring life back to the basics, and learning to trust the path, Bex regained her confidence and self-esteem with every hard-won step. Soon after returning, she went on to create the UK’s largest women’s adventure community, Love Her Wild.

Written with humour and compassion, Three Stripes South offers inspiration and hope in equal measure. A hiking memoir that brings
to life the spectacular Israel National Trail, with its challenges and rewards, this is also a story of the redemptive power of adventure – and of how it can guide us back to our true selves

Tanked Up

When Ben Thompson was a boy, he was swept out to sea by a freak wave. From such inauspicious beginnings was born a lifelong fascination with the deep. At fourteen he spotted a poster for a dive club in a Yorkshire chip shop. By the age of twenty-five, he was getting paid to dive the world’s most exquisite coral reefs. But Ben’s love affair with the sea was always fuelled by a need to escape.

As much for armchair adventurers as experienced divers, this colourful memoir traces not only the author’s years as a diving professional, seeking out remote and undamaged marine ecosystems in Asia, the Caribbean and Africa, but also his journey from restlessness to a place of peace. From diving one of the world’s only vertical shipwrecks to exploring Indonesia in a pirate boat, from encountering great white sharks to bonding with America’s largest naked diving group, Tanked Up reveals the wonders of the underwater world and the dramas of a dive instructor’s life.

A book about diving and dreaming, serendipity and vocation, Tanked Up is the story of what happens when you let fate guide the way.

A Connemara Journey

In 1984, explorer-publisher Hilary Bradt fulfilled a childhood ambition to do a long-distance ride. Set against the history, legends, landscape and people of a vanished Ireland, this is a story of joy and tragedy, and her bond with two Connemara ponies.

Originally published in separate volumes, Connemara Mollie and its sequel, Dingle Peggy, this new edition – containing additional narrative and photos – brings the whole journey to life.