Africa Overland

by Bob Gibbons and  Sian Pritchard-Jones

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Africa Overland Travel Guide – Holiday tips and travel advice including detailed routes and country guides, wildlife hotspots, safety and visas. Also featuring comprehensive maps, tips on what to bring and vehicle maintenance, national parks and game reserves, accommodation, eating and drinking, public transportation and organised tours.

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ISBN: 9781841629483

Published:  17th Apr 2014
Edition:  6
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About this book

Africa is addictive. Africa has colourful people, bustling markets, starry nights, utter desert silence, a cacophony of cicadas, inviting nomads and modern entrepreneurs. Stuck in a deep mud hole, pushing a motorcycle through sand or enjoying the camaraderie of an overloaded public bus, no one is far from the soul of the Dark Continent. Africa Overland, the adventurers’ definitive choice, provides practical sections on buying, maintaining, and driving a vehicle alongside a new section on overland routes in Asia.

About the Author

Siân Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons have been travelling in Africa for 30 years. Their combined travel experience spans all corners of the globe and has included working as guides and drivers on coach tours, leading mountain treks and operating cycle trips and desert expeditions.


‘Africa Overland is not only a travel guide: it is also a key that would-be Africa hands can use to unlock their dreams’ South Africa Sunday Times