The last shadow puppeteer?

Murray Stewart asks whether the region’s only shadow puppeteer will be its last.

Mulanje in legend

Author Philip Briggs discusses the myths and mysteries surrounding Mulanje Massif.

Interview with Hilary Bradt

Hilary Bradt discusses horseriding in Ireland and writing Connemara Mollie and Dingle Peggy.


The coast of what is now Yemen and Somaliland has probably been the main global source of frankincense since the second millennium BC, author Philip Briggs writes.

Dual citizenship in 30 minutes

Almost anyone can wander downtown and get themselves a bona fide identity document, no questions asked, writes Sean Connolly.

Giants of the ocean

Author Philip Briggs sheds some light on the sharks and rays of Somaliland.

Interview with Ariadne Van Zandbergen

Renowned wildlife photographer Ariadne Van Zandbergen offers tips and hints and reveals the challenges of photography in Africa.

The Biafran War

Lizzie Williams gives a brief history of this vicious civil war.

Kano Durbar

Durbars are colourful festivals known for their horsemen wearing bright red turbans and copper armour.

Motor parks of Nigeria

Motor parks are a great place to observe daily Nigerian life, writes Lizzie Williams.