Me, My Bike and a Street Dog Called Lucy

by Ishbel Holmes

Me, My Bike and a Street Dog Called Lucy

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This new title from Bradt tells the inspiring and emotional story of Ishbel Holmes, also known as 'World Bike Girl', a Scottish-Iranian woman who became a champion racing cyclist in spite of having been abandoned by her family, and who set off on the adventure of a lifetime despite her lack of experience, money or equipment.
Ishbel Holmes was determined to cycle the world but her journey took a completely unexpected turn when, despite her initial instincts not to, she rescued a street dog in Turkey. Ishbel was lost and alone when she started on her epic trip, but in Lucy found a companionship never previously known. Between the two there formed a deep bond and their relationship was followed and supported by thousands of readers online, before becoming a media sensation overnight when Ishbel put out a plea for help to transport Lucy to an animal shelter three hundred miles away.
This heart-rending tale is about more than just the relationship between a woman and her dog. It is a testimony to the human spirit, overcoming present-day challenges and churning up long-buried and painful memories from Ishbel's earlier life. It is also a tale of adventure, one person's determination to cross an unfamiliar country by bike and the unforgettable scenes that greet her on the Turkey-Syria border and into Syria itself. And it is a loving portrait of Lucy, the street dog that was determined not to let Ishbel go and whose dogged persistence helped to break down the barriers around her heart and in so doing change her life in ways she had never imagined.
Ultimately, this is a tale of love and healing, a modern fable that touches the soul and reminds us all of the need to belong.

About the author

'World Bike Girl' Ishbel Holmes is a British-Iranian dare-devil adventurer who is scared of spiders. In 2014, she set off to cycle the world and has so far pedalled across 16 countries in Europe and South America. Ishbel cycles with a dog trailer which she uses to rescue animals as she pedals. Working together with her thousands of big hearted and loyal followers Ishbel makes sure that the injured cats and dogs she rescues get the correct medical care, then she looks after them until her fans have found them a happy-ever-after home.

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Prologue Rubbish Bin Requiem
Chapter 1 Meeting a Street Dog
Chapter 2 Finding Lucy a Shelter
Chapter 3 The Rescue Ride
Chapter 4 Social Media Plea Goes Viral
Chapter 5 Mad Cat Lady
Chapter 6 Lucy Feels Safe to Love
Chapter 7 The Life of Street Animals
Chapter 8 Syrian War Brides
Chapter 9 1,400-mile Turkish Adventure
Chapter 10 Lucy Goes to University
Chapter 11 Wheels and War
Chapter 12 Cycling the Syrian Border
Chapter 13 Syrian Revolution Command Centre
Chapter 14 Lucy Gets Sick
Chapter 15 Lucy Dies
Chapter 16 Lucy's Happy Ever After
Chapter 17 Seeking Unconditional Love
Chapter 18 My Happy Ever After - I have a family
Chapter 19 After Lucy