From the Lion's Mouth

From the Lion's Mouth

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This new guide to the idyllic and popular county of Somerset from expert author and Somerset resident Norm Longley is ideal for both visitors and locals alike with its mix of visitor information, history, culture and anecdote, not to mention coverage of wildlife, birdwatching, walking, cycling and other outdoor activities. Accommodation and restaurants - and cider - are covered, too: as Longley himself says, he often spends weekends 'roaming the Somerset countryside in search of exciting and/or novel things to do - or at the very least, hunting down good food and drink.'
Divided into seven easy-to-explore geographical regions, from Bath and north Somerset through Wells and the Mendips to Exmoor National Park and International Dark Sky Reserve, this is an indispensable companion for everyone from culture devotees to outdoor adventurers, birders to beach lovers, transport enthusiasts to event-goers, families to foodies. The Somerset Levels are covered, and so too are Quantock and Blackdown Hills, the coast, and east and south Somerset.
Somerset is consistently seductive: windswept marshes and wild moorland, enchanting upland areas, iron-flat lowland terrain, limestone gorges, and a forty-mile long stretch of coast with rocky coves, fossil-filled cliffs and a tiny offshore island. And, of course, there's the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath, with its beautifully preserved Roman baths, graceful Georgian architecture and enticing gastronomic possibilities.
Bradt's Somerset covers all this and more, from the Glastonbury Festival to the American Museum and Gardens, carnivals to quirky local customs, the longest heritage railway in Britain to England's first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and a good dash of legend and myth too, from King Arthur at Avalon and Camelot, to the country's third largest complex of standing stones at Stanton Drew.

About the author

Iain Campbell has been fascinated by mountains for as long as he can remember and has travelled widely in the mountains of his home country of Scotland and further afield. He studied history at Oxford University where he specialised in medieval religious history. In 2002 he decided to combine these interests by travelling to the holy mountains of Asia. His first book, With Unblest Feet, tells the story of a journey among the mountain pilgrims of the Silk Road. His second book, From the Lion's Mouth, is about Pakistan, a country which combines a rich religious heritage and some of the most spectacular mountains in the world. It is the account of a slow journey through this mesmerizing country in 2004, following the Indus River from its mouth near Karachi through the Punjab and Kashmir to the Tibetan Plateau where the river finds its source. He lives with his family in Edinburgh and continues to travel frequently to Asia.

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Part I Pakistan
The Plains: Sindh and Punjab
Chapter 1 Keti Bander
Chapter 2 Karachi
Chapter 3 Bhit Shah and Lake Manchar
Chapter 4 Mohenjo Daro
Chapter 5 Kalabagh and Mithankot

Part II Pakistan
The Mountains: Swat and the Karakorum
Chapter 6 Swat
Chapter 7 Deraig and Tirat
Chapter 8 Kohistan
Chapter 9 Nanga Parbat
Chapter 10 Baltistan

Part III India
Kashmir and Ladakh
Chapter 11 Srinagar
Chapter 12 Amanarth
Chapter 13 Ladakh
Chapter 14 Mahe Bridge