Dominica relief

Paul Crask, author of our Dominica guidebook, discusses the relief operation in wake of Tropical Storm Erika.  

Written by Paul Crask


Dominica Relief

The mountainous Caribbean island of Dominica is beginning the recovery process in the wake of Tropical Storm Erika when its rivers became raging torrents washing away land, roads, bridges and causing widespread destruction, and steep hillsides became landslides that swept away houses and some of the people living within them. Some villages are still cut off.

The main airport is currently out of action though ferry services are still operating between Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Antigua. 

International aid has been arriving in the form of finance, medical and food supplies, helicopters, expertise and heavy equipment. More help is needed. Several funds have been established for those wishing to donate to the aid and recovery effort. Follow these links for more information:

Dominicans are resilient people and they have been leading the recovery efforts, taking pride in saving themselves. So far most roads have been cleared and much of the island is back on line again with power, water and telecoms. But Dominicans do need help to pay for and replace what has been lost. Many people have lost everything they own, including their homes. Anything you can give would be appreciated.

Another practical way to really help Dominica get back on its feet again is to visit, to take a holiday on the Caribbean’s Nature Island. Getting the airport up and running is a major priority and the runway has already been cleared. 

We’re down but we’re not out, and with our own hard work and your help we can overcome this disaster.

Paul Crask, author of the Bradt Travel Guide to Dominica

Twitter: @paulcrask 

Facebook: islandcrask