Tromsø - A view from our expert author

Known as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’, this sophisticated northern city is one of the undisputed highlights of Norwegian Lapland.

An aerial view over Tromsø Bridge Norwegian Lapland by Horia Bogdan ShutterstockThe ‘Gateway to the Arctic’, as the city thrills in billing itself, Tromsø (Romsa in Sami) is one of the undisputed highlights of Norwegian Lapland. Although geographically well out on a limb, it is worth making a special effort to get there to enjoy some rare urban sophistication, the like of which you won’t find for miles around. Once known, quite ridiculously, as the Paris of the North, Tromsø can nevertheless boast a sophisticated cafe and restaurant culture, top hotels and several big-name stores; it has a couple of superb museums which will no doubt whet your appetite to learn more about the Arctic and maybe even to go there.

(Photo: An aerial view over Tromsø Bridge, Norwegian Lapland © Horia Bogdan, Shutterstock)

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