Harriniva Holiday Centre - A view from our expert author

Explore the wilds of Finnish Lapland with your own team of husky ready to pull you through the frozen wonderland.

Husky dogsleds Harriniva Finnish Lapland by Jamen Percy Shutterstock

The biggest and best husky centre (with around 400 dogs) in Finland, the Harriniva Holiday Centre, 3km south of Muonio along Route 21 towards Tornio, is the place to get your doggie fix. Established in 1973 by husband and wife team, Kopi and Maria Pietkainen, Harriniva has developed a reputation over the years for well-organised, good-value husky safaris that are hard to beat. During the winter season, 95% of guests here are foreign, predominantly from Britain, France, Germany and Holland, which gives the entire place an enjoyable, cosmopolitan air. Interestingly, room rates are roughly the same whether booked through a travel agent abroad or directly with Harriniva. This means you won’t end up paying through the nose if you simply turn up and book a safari on the spot; although you may find that all the dogs are out in the forest on tours if you leave it to the last minute.

(Photo © Jamen Percy, Shutterstock)

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