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Fisherman on Saint Lucia © Saint Lucia Tourist BoardFisherman on Saint Lucia © Saint Lucia Tourist Board

Location One of the Windward Islands located in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands, approximately 38km south of Martinique and 145 miles northwest of Barbados.

Size 616km2

Climate Subtropical

Status Independent nation, member of the British Commonwealth

Population 168,000

Population growth per year Approximately 2%

Life expectancy at birth 75 years (World Bank, 2012)

Capital Castries, population 50,000

Other main towns Rodney Bay, Soufrière

Economy Major earners: tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, fishing

GNI US$7,060

GDP US$7,288 per capita (UN Data)

GDP growth rate -1% (World Bank, 2014)

Currency Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$)

Rate of exchange £1 = EC$4.12, US$1 = EC£2.70, €1 = EC$3.06 (February 2015; for up-to-date exchange rates, see

Religion Christianity, majority Roman Catholic

International telephone code +758

Time GMT -4

Electricity 220 Volts, most sockets take UK standard 3-pin square plugs

Weights and measures Metric

Flag Yellow, black and white triangle on blue background

National anthem Sons and Daughters of Saint Lucia

Public Holidays New Year’s Day (1 January), New Year’s Holiday (2 January), Independence Day (22 February), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day (1 May), Whit Monday, Corpus Christi Day, Emancipation Day (1 August), National Day (13 December), Christmas Day (25 December), Boxing Day (26 December)

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