Haiti at a glanceGingerbread house Port-au-Prince Haiti by Jacqualine Labrom, Voyages Lumière Haiti

Location Caribbean Sea, western third of the island of Hispaniola (bordering the Dominican Republic)

Size 27,750km2

Climate Tropical

Time Eastern Standard Time (GMT –5 hours)

International telephone code +509

Currency Haitian gourde (HTG). The unofficial term Haitian dollar (H$) is commonly used, where H$1=5HTG. For up-to-date exchange rates, go to www.xe.com.

Electricity 110–125V (60Hz AC), flat two-pin plugs as in the USA

Population 10.1 million (July 2015 estimate)

Capital Port-au-Prince

(Photo: Haiti’s most important contribution to world architecture is the gingerbread house. Found mostly in Port-au-Prince (pictured), they are paragons of elegant tropical living © Jacqualine Labrom, Voyages Lumière Haiti)

Languages Creole (Kreyol), French

Religion Roman Catholic (80%), Protestant (various denominations; 20%). Vodou is practised alongside Christianity by up to half the population.

Flag Two horizontal bands of blue and red, centred with a white rectangle bearing a palm tree flanked by flags and cannon and the motto L’Union Fait La Force (‘Unity Makes Strength’)

Economy Agriculture (coffee, mangoes, sugarcane, rice) and garment assembly. The economy is heavily reliant on foreign aid.

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