Cocoa, Grenada by Celia Sorhaindo

Giving something back

I encourage you to look out for and try to support local businesses, farmers, artists and so on. Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique have many practical problems that a number of NGOs and local groups of volunteers try to resolve or improve upon.

Grenadians living abroad are continually a great source of assistance to these organisations by sending materials and helping with fundraising. Visitors to the three islands can also make a difference. Think about contacting one of these organisations before or during your visit and asking how you might be able to support them.

(Photo: Buying local produce such as cocoa is a simple way of helping the Grenadian economy © Celia Sorhaindo)

Bel Air Children’s Home

Located between Grand Anse & the Maurice Bishop International Airport, the Bel Air Children’s Home accommodates and cares for over 30 children – from babies to adolescents – who have either been orphaned, neglected, or who have been living in poverty.

Jason Roberts Foundation

Professional football player Jason Roberts’s foundation provides opportunities for children to develop in sporting activities, health and fitness programmes in the UK and Grenada.

J J Robinson Trust

The J J Robinson Trust provides financial assistance for further education for those who are unable to afford it. Also provides financial support for the School for Pregnant and Adolescent Mothers.

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