Nova Scotia - Giving something back

Giving something back

Whilst Canada has many worthy countrywide charities, specific to the province is Feed Nova Scotia, which aims to feed hungry people by providing year-round food deliveries to a network of 150 food banks across the province. The organisation’s ultimate aim is to eliminate chronic hunger and alleviate poverty.

Shelter Nova Scotia works to end homelessness in the province, and provides assistance for men and women attempting to make the change from prison living to community living. 

An increasing number of musicians and creative artists from the province work with the ArtsCan Circle, travelling to remote northern Canadian First Nations communities to encourage self-esteem amongst indigenous youth through music and art workshops. 

For over 250 years, lighthouses helped reduce the high number of wrecked ships in the province’s coastal waters. Unfortunately, the majority of the 350-plus lighthouses are now gone or in ruinous states. The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society does valiant work ploughing time, effort and money into preserving the province’s lighthouse heritage.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust works to conserve the province’s increasingly threatened ecologically significant lands. There are Nova Scotia chapters of both the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Canada’s leading grass-roots non-government organisation for wilderness conservation, and Canada’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Please remember that the majority of the province’s museums are staffed by volunteers and offer free admission: they rely (in varying degrees) on donations from visitors.

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