Wadi Rum Jordan by Visit Jordan
The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Wadi Rum © www.visitjordan.com

Made a Protected Area in 1998, the Wadi Rum desert is home to the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence’s Spring and the beautiful Siq Khazali canyon.  There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by nature in this vast, serene desert. It is the ultimate experience if you crave getting away from it all. Here you can explore canyons on foot, climb towering mountains, such as Jabal Rum and Jabal Um Ishrin, observe wildlife or take a tour by camel caravan across the desert. You can hop on a 4×4 for a thrilling experience driving over the sand dunes or climb into a hot air balloon to see this magnificent landscape from above. Adventure, lots of fun and the experience of a lifetime – yes, Wadi Rum offers all this and rather a lot more.

This is the ultimate experience if you crave getting away from it all.

Wadi Rum has towering limestone and granite mountains, deep canyons and dry, unimaginably beautiful sandy plains. On first impression you could be forgiven for thinking that animals and plants couldn’t possibly survive here, but you would be wrong. It has a unique ecosystem that supports a vast number of species, some of which are endangered. If you’re lucky you may catch sight of the Nubian ibex (Capra ibex nubiana), the grey wolf (Canis lupus) or the handsome Arabian oryx, which has been saved from extinction by the RSCN and released back in the wild. They are extremely rare and if you report your sighting to the visitors’ centre you will be assisting with ongoing scientific research in the desert.

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