Jerash Jordan by Visit Jordan
Colonnaded street, Jerash Archaeological Park ©

The modern city of Jerash is the largest of the Jerash Governorate, as well as its capital, and is surrounded by a number of picturesque towns and villages, including Souf, which was an important place during the Ottoman period, and Kufr Khall where most of the grapes seen in the souks around Jordan originate. The land is renowned for its fertile valleys, most of which are blanketed by fields used for agriculture. Jerash, however, is most famous for the fabulous archaeological remains of Gerasa, which was conquered by General Pompey in 63BC and went on to become one of the finest cities of the Roman Empire. Gerasa’s remains lay hidden under sand for centuries until they were rediscovered, excavated and, in part, restored, and are today the country’s second most visited site after Petra. Excavation work is currently underway at the site.

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