Jordan River Foundation

( Created with a mission to initiate and support sustainable social, economic and cultural programmes designed to enrich the lives and livelihoods of members of the communities, especially women and children, the JRF is a non-profit, non-government organisation chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania al-Abdullah.

You can help by becoming a member, donating your time in fundraising activities or volunteering to help with developing programmes that include the rehabilitation of victims of abuse, training and business start-ups.

Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

( An independent, non-profit organisation, the RSCN aims to protect the delicate biodiversity of Jordan and to create conservation programmes that work alongside socio-economic development. It runs nature reserves designed to safeguard

Jordan’s heritage, runs breeding programmes for endangered species, enforces government laws banning illegal hunting, provides environmental education programmes and promotes initiatives that create jobs for rural communities in the fields of handicrafts and eco-tourism. You can help by visiting the reserves, buying authentic crafts or by becoming a ‘friend’ of the RSCN.

King Hussein Cancer Foundation

( An independent, non-profit, non-government foundation, the KHCC was founded by Royal Degree in 1997 to help combat cancer and to offer care for sufferers in Jordan. Its mission is to educate, train and promote public awareness to aid the prevention and early detection of cancer, to supply information and research, and to provide comprehensive care.

You can help KHCC by donating money online, donating through schemes operated by some hotels whereby a small sum in added to your bill, by volunteering to help patients or by donating blood.

Aqaba Bird Observatory

( Run by the Jordan Society for Sustainable Development (JSSD), this observatory in the southern city of Aqaba endeavours to preserve the natural habitat of birds.

Wetlands with five ponds and dense forest areas have been created. It monitors birds and their migration patterns, and records details of Aqaba’s fluctuating bird population, many of which are threatened or critically endangered species. The observatory, which is open to the public, welcomes volunteers to help with its valuable conservation work.