Best known as being the childhood home of Jesus, this has been a site for pilgrims for over 2,000 years.

Nazareth Israel by JekLi, ShutterstockIsrael’s largest Arab city is known for its New Testament history and is today a centre of Christian pilgrimage © JekLi, Shutterstock

Nazareth – Israel’s largest Arab city – rests atop, between and around five hills that form the end of the Galilee Mountains presiding over the Jezreel Valley below. Religious and historic sites centre on the Old City in the heart of Nazareth, where preconceived images of quaint cobbled stone alleys and bustling markets are fully realised. Outside the Old City, however, Nazareth is a hectic, modern and vibrant Arab city where the aromas of strong coffee, spices and sweets drift along the streets and where the loud chatter and the sounds of car horns dull only marginally at prayer times.

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