Comprehensive travel insurance is generally available for travel to Kurdistan Iraq as long as the British foreign office does not advise against travel to this region. Local health care in Kurdistan is largely funded by the government, and while services may not quite meet the standards of some thoroughly developed and established systems, care is available in all major cities and towns. Click here for health and safety issues in Iraq.

Travel clinics and health information

A full list of current travel clinic websites worldwide is available on For other journey preparation information, consult (UK) or (US). Information about various medications may be found on All advice found online should be used in conjunction with expert advice received prior to or during travel.


The security situation in Kurdistan is very different from the rest of Iraq, a fact which has been recognised by most Western governments who, until the recent offensives launched by ISIS, did not advise against travel to Kurdistan. Travel and tourism to the region has also been encouraged as the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) visa is available on arrival.

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