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Giving something back

Many charities operate in Kurdistan. Kurdistan Save the Children is the international, non-political agency based in Suleimaniyah. It supports social and educational projects all over Iraq. Save the Children UK has been active in Iraq for many years. It was a leading humanitarian agency in the aftermath of the 2003 Coalition invasion, remaining operational throughout the conflict, transporting children to school and rebuilding schools, paediatric hospitals and primary health centres throughout Iraq. Today it also works to alleviate the suffering of refugees and displaced people from Syria, as does UNHCR who have erected shelters, established water and food distribution at crossing points and, in conjunction with the International Organization for Migration and the Kurdistan Regional government (KRG), provided buses and trucks to move the thousands of people from the border zone deeper into Iraq.

Kurdish girl Kurdistan Iraq by Eric Lafforgue© Eric Lafforgue

The Kurdistan Emergency Appeal is raising money and collecting goods to help the 1.5 million refugees and displaced people who have fled to the safety of the Kurdistan region in Iraq and The Kurdish Aid Foundation is a small UK-based registered charity run solely by volunteers to provide assistance to those in need in the Kurdistan region.

There are currently four permanent camps for Syrian refugees in Erbil – Kawergosk Camp; Qushatefa Camp; Darashakran Camp and Basirma. In September 2014 there were thought to be approximately 84,000 refugees in the Erbil area, many of them living outside the established camps and since then the numbers have increased. Their number is expected to change as the situation waxes and wanes, and they are joined by increasing numbers of Kurdish refugees from the persecuted minority Yezidi and Christian communities from both within and outside Kurdistan.

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