Bratislava Castle - A view from our expert author

Bratislava Castle Bratislava Slovakia by Shchipkova Elena, Shutter© Shchipkova Elena, Shutterstock

The ‘upside-down bedstead’ is the iconic image of the city and the grounds are a great place for a picnic with a view.

In A Time of Gifts, Patrick Leigh Fermor wrote that ‘the symmetry of the huge gaunt castle and the height of its corner towers gave it the look of an upside-down table’. Also described somewhat cruelly as an ‘upside-down bedstead’, Bratislava Castle as we recognise it today was constructed in a more basic fortress style in 1430 by King Sigismund of Luxembourg. The castle, with its huge courtyard, is an imposing and atmospheric building and the tree-studded grounds perched on the hill off er a lovely place for a stroll or a picnic with a view over the Old Town and Petežalka. There are a couple of restaurants within the castle area too; the upmarket Hradná Hviezda  and the Reštaurácia Hrad with a great terrace overlooking the city and the Danube.

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