Bratislava - At a glance

Bratislava at a glance

Location In the southwestern corner of Slovakia. The state border with Hungary is just 16km away, in fact just beyond Bratislava city limits.
Neighbouring countries Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, CzechRepublic
Climate Warm, wet summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters.
Population 419,556 (2014)
Life expectancy Total population: 76.9 years; male: 73.09 years; female: 80.52 years
Languages Slovak (offi cial) 78.6%, Hungarian 9.4%, Roma 2.3%, Ruthenian 1%, other or unspecified 8.7%
Religion Roman Catholic 68.9%, Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession 6.9%, Greek-Catholic 4.1%, Reformed Christian 2%, Orthodox 0.9%, Jehovah's Witness 0.4%, Evangelic Methodist 0.1%, Brethren Baptist Union 0.1%, Without religious affi liation 16.6%
Currency Euro
International dialling code Slovakia: +421, Bratislava: 02, Košice: 055
National airport M R Štefánik Airport, 9.5km northeast of Bratislava. Two more airports at Košice & Poprad.
Time CET (GMT + 1 hour)
National tourist board Bratislava BTB ; Visit Košice 
National public holidays 1 January (New Year’s Day and Anniversary of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic in 1993), 1 May (Labour Day), 8 May (Victory against Fascism Day – end of World War II), 5 July (St Cyril and Methodius Day), 29 August (Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising), 1 September (Slovak Republic Constitution Day), 17 November (Day of Struggle against Totalitarianism/Fight for Democracy)

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