Bratislava - At a glance

Bratislava at a glance

Location In the southwestern corner of Slovakia

Neighbouring countries Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic

Climate Warm, wet summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters

Population 429,564 (2017)

Life expectancy Total population: 77.3 years; male: 73.7 years; female: 81.1 years

Languages Slovak (official) 78.6%, Hungarian 9.4%, Roma 2.3%, Ruthenian 1%, other or unspecified 8.7%

Religion Roman Catholic 62%, Evangelical (Lutheran) 7%, GreekCatholic 4%, Reformed (Calvinist) 2%, Orthodox 1%, without religious affiliation 16.5%, unspecified 7.5%

Currency Euro

International dialling code Slovakia: +421, Bratislava: 02, Košice: 055

National airport M R Štefánik Airport, 9.5km northeast of central Bratislava. Two more airports at Košice and Poprad.

Time CET (GMT + 1 hour)

Electrical voltage 220 volts, frequency 50Hz; two-pin plugs

Weights and measures Metric system

Tourist boards Slovakia; Bratislava BTB; Visit Košice 

National public holidays 1 January (New Year’s Day and Anniversary of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic in 1993), 1 May (Labour Day), 8 May (Victory against Fascism Day – end of World War II), 5 July (St Cyril and Methodius Day), 29 August (Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising), 1 September (Slovak Republic Constitution Day), 17 November (Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy) 

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