Sighişoara - A view from our expert author

A stereotypical Transylvanian town, Sighişoara offers the quintessential image of a Transylvanian fortress on a hill.

Sighişoara, Transylvania, Romania by Gabriela Insuratelu, ShutterstockSituated 40km southwest of Târgu Mureş, Sighişoara (Segesvár/Schassburg) is the archetypal Transylvanian town, just how we imagine it. The 12th-century Saxon citadel town does not disappoint and everything looks like a Dracula film set, from the dusty lower town to the steep climb up to the citadel itself adorned by a fairytale clock tower, covered wooden steps up to the Gothic church on the hill and ancient medieval houses lurching into narrow cobble-stoned streets.

Sighişoara is a living museum, a mix of a modern town and a Disney fantasy with a touch of Gothic horror thrown in for good measure. It has a great atmosphere that even the countless cheesy Dracula souvenir shops cannot diminish. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a miss-at-your-peril item on the Transylvanian tour agenda. Sighişoara is like taking a trip back in time to the medieval age, to an era crowded with vampires, evil counts, wolves, peasants riding through the untamed countryside on horse-drawn carts and tipsy old men tottering along the narrow, winding streets.

(Photo: An old medieval street in Sighişoara © Gabriela Insuratelu, Shutterstock)

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