Northern Lights

There’s something about the blue light of the mornings that turns buttercup yellow at noon, then takes on pinky tinges as evening falls, the serenity of the pure white landscapes, the impossibly intricate design of a single snowflake, the sparkling jewels of hoar frost that grow on the branches of spruce, that never ceases to entrance.

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Viewing the dance of the northern lights is one of the world’s great travel experiences. High above the Arctic Circle, visitors brave the icy temperatures for a chance to get a glimpse of the aurora borealis swirling across the night sky. Once the sun comes up there’s a whole winter wonderland to explore across the Arctic, whether you want to take a trip in a tundra buggy to meet polar bears in Canada, explore Norway’s frozen lakes and snow-laden forests on a husky sled, or indulge in a leisurely soak in one of Iceland’s many hot springs.

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