Wines of the Tikveš Plains - A view from our expert author

Rosoman Macedonia by Marjan Lazarevski Flickr© Marjan Lazarevski, Flickr

Within Macedonia, the Tikveš Plains produce some of their best national wines, making the Elenov and Popova Kula vineyards well worth a visit.

The entire course of the Vardar Valley all the way down to Thessaloniki is fertile grape-growing country, and within Macedonia the Tikveš plains between Titov Veles and Demir Kapija produce some of the best national wines. Near Demir Kapija, the ex-royal vineyard Elenov and the boutique vineyard Popova Kula are well worth a visit and a longer stay. Negotino boasts nine vineyards in its vicinity. There are also vineyards further north around Skopje, and you’ll find the local wines of smaller vineyards served in plastic bottles and cardboard cartons at local petrol station and stores.

Macedonian wines are unique amongst European wines for being made with very little, if any, additional sugar or sulphite preservatives. They are preserved, therefore, mostly by the grapes’ own natural sugars and it is for this reason that almost all Macedonian wines are dry rather than sweet, and why you won’t get such a big hangover the next day after drinking a bottle of T’ga za Jug (Longing for the South) or Alexandria.

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