Heraklea - A view from our expert author

Heraklea Macedonia by ollirg Shutterstock© ollirg, Shutterstock

This important Roman town is only 12% uncovered, meaning that future visits should prove ever more fruitful.

This significant Roman town, founded by Philip II, is only 12% uncovered, so visits in future years should prove ever more fruitful, especially as historical records show that there are still a number of houses and tombs of the rich and famous at the time to be found. Several important relics and buildings have already been uncovered including the amphitheatre, baths, basilicas and some impressive mosaics, only some of which are on show in the summer. There is a small museum, a snack and drink shop, and a souvenir shop with books on the site in English available for sale. Most of the more important statues are on display in the town museum or in the National Museum in Skopje.

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