North Macedonia - A view from our expert author

North Macedonia

Macedonia is not a place of extremes, but it is an area of intoxicating untold stories.

North Macedonia

If you care to scratch the surface, you’ll find a Macedonia brimming with history and beautiful scenery.

North Macedonia

Its outdoors is its jewel: bijou, pristine and almost untouched.

North Macedonia

There is much more to discover in Macedonia if you veer off the tarred and hardened road.

Most people don’t even know where Macedonia is and it was once described to me as the greatest ‘non-destination’ country. But if you care to scratch the surface, you will find a Macedonia brimming with history, artefacts, rich local culture and beautiful scenery.

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Long buffeted by the struggles of the Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia is emerging as one of the most entrancing corners of Europe. A captivating blend of the ancient and the brand new, the country’s crumbling mountain monasteries and rustic hostelries are as much a part of its charm as its excessive new monuments and nascent boutique vineyards. Sip heady cocktails beside the crystal-clear waters of Lake Ohrid, immerse yourself in Skopje’s burgeoning café culture or discover the hidden hot springs dotted around the country, all of which make Macedonia a traveller's tale like no other and worth more than just a pit-stop on a trip to somewhere else.

Thammy Evans

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