Giving something back


Like the British, the Montenegrins are proud, so anything offered should be done with discretion.

In addition to OSCE, the border town of Rožaje has a history of generosity towards refugees and is involved with supporting young people through a dance troupe, cultural work and an annual literary award.


OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe) This inter-governmental agency is doing a magnificent job. It has identified a wide range of projects in all 21 municipalities covering health, industry, education, local government, media freedom, agriculture, culture, tourism, the environment and so forth. Solutions here are more likely to lie with charities or government than with individuals. But for individuals, donations to help with the problems still facing displaced people could well be directed through this organisation.


Balkans Peace Park Project  UK-registered charity endorsed by UNEP, IUCN and the Research Unit in South East European Studies, Peace Studies Dept, University of Bradford, Yorks.


The British professor who is principal archaeologist of the Butrint Foundation in Albania has recommended further international aid for the wealth of Crna Gora sites, marine as well as on land. It has even been suggested that the Montenegrin coast might yet yield the first Illyrian shipwreck. At the time of writing these projects and their associated museums remain underfunded.

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