Lake Ohrid - A view from our expert author

Lake Ohrid Macedonia by Dave Proffer Flickr© Dave Proffer, Flickr

The jewel in the Macedonian crown, this UNESCO-protected lake is a site of rare environmental, scientific and cultural significance.

Lake Ohrid is the jewel of the Macedonian crown. Both the lake and Ohrid town are under the protection of UNESCO as a site of rare environmental, scientific and cultural significance. And not without due reason: the lake itself is an ancient one, and one of the oldest in the world, belonging in the ranks of Lake Baikal in Russia, Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania and Lake Titicaca in Peru/Bolivia. It is the oldest continuously existing lake in Europe, some three to five million years. It has also been proposed by some scientists that it may be the most diverse lake in the world for its size.

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